Monday, 10 September 2012

How To Check health of Mac’s Hard Disk

Checking the hard drive health of a Mac is a part of a periodic maintenance routine. It’s recommended to all Mac users to check disk status on regular basis for better performance of Mac. Disk Utility is an inbuilt feature of Mac which helps you to find whether your disk is functioning correctly or not.  

Repairing a Mac Boot Disk with Disk Utility:-

1. Open Disk Utility from the Applications -> Utilities folder.
2. In the left-hand side panel, select your main hard disk
3. Click First Aid tab and hit the Verify Disk button. Your disk’s status and any problems encountered will be displayed in the main window.
If there are no error in disk, you will get message “Everything is fine, no problem”. And if any found then please click Repair Disk option.
Mac user can also use Third party tool to check the health of drive. Stellar Drive ToolBox is one of the famous tool which helps you to find out errors in Mac drive. There are 12 utilities in this tool, one of them is Drive Status. It helps Mac user to check entire Mac hard drive information, including all basic details, full drive description, and the SMART status.

Features of this utility:-
1.Check the drive health
2. Check the performance status
3. Monitors Mac Drive status using SMART attributes
General Status:- You can see the drive title, content, media type, total drive size, file system used etc.
Full Description:- This option displays entire information of Mac drive including creation date, backup date, file count, etc.
S.M.A.R.T:- It is called Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology . It is made to constantly monitor Mac user can find the health status, temperature and other vital parameters by this option.

Above tips will help you to keep your Mac Drive healthy and boost the performance. Imagine, if your loose your data due to hard drive failure and you don't have backup, what will happen? So, every Mac user should monitor their Mac drive to stop any disaster.

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