Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Encrypt and Protect your Private Files

If you have some confidential data in your Mac and you don't want to reveal it with anyone, what should you do?

It is often hard to guarantee that no one can access it. Leaving your Mac logged in the office or at home may allow other people to gain access to your important data. In these cases, users need to keep their data into encrypted form whether you are working on Mac , Windows or Linux. No one can read your encrypted data before decryption because encryption changes your data into unreadable form.
Keep your Mac data safe

You can create an encrypted disk image by inbuilt tool of Mac, go to Disk Utility (located in Applications/Utilities), click File menu and choose New, Blank Disk Image. Choose a name for your disk image and where you want to save it from the dialogue box. Now, when you click on Create button, you will be prompted to enter your password. You can choose password with the help of Password Assistant. This tool ( Password Assistant) will help you to choose a password that is both easy to remember and hard to crack. Press Ok and your data gets encrypted now.

Although, the best place to keep your data safe is Library folder, put your files in this folder. The main benefits of this , it isn't searched by Spotlight. Mac users can encrypt their data by Encryption tool of Stellar. It is very effective and it has many features. You can choose any file or folder from your Mac and encrypt them to an unreadable format by using this tool. 

Features of Mac Data Encryptor

  • It encrypts files and your data with password.
  • You can hide encrypted data.
  • You can locate all hidden encrypted files in the system
  • It has option to verify, whether the listed hidden files or folders really exist in the system or not.
  • It encrypts your Mac data so that no decryption utility can decrypt it.

Stellar Mac Data Encryptor comes with Drive ToolBox tool which is a complete pack of 12 Mac maintenance utilities. For more details: -

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