Sunday, 30 September 2012

Is your Mac really fast? If no make it

People cannot afford a new Mac every year, but can keep it in good running condition just like when it was new. It is a common problem of Mac user to slow down Mac performance with the passage of time. Most users know some additional RAM would help, but there are plenty of ways to speed up your Mac without having to spend any money. Just need to focus on some points.
If you face problem in opening application, every time a slow start-up, slow read/write process etc.. It means your Mac has has some problem and needs your care. Now it's a big question how to make your Mac fast?

1. Disable Thumbnails in Finder:- Each Mac user should disable thumbnail of images because it takes lots of spaces. You can find it from Finder option in Mac.

2. Disable extra startup items:- When you login, there are lots of startup items that appear ,when you start your system. The users should note that these items eat too much of your RAM and thus slow down your Mac.

3. Keep at least 10% of free space in your Mac disk:- Make sure you should always have sufficient free space available on the hard drive for caches, temporary files, and virtual memory (swap). If there will not be free space you might feel sluggish behaviour of Mac.

4. Clear all system junks, caches, unused applications:- Lots of caches, duplicate files consumes much memory space and it slow down your system. Deleting these stuffs manually, can be a time taking process so, you can do cleanup task by third party tool.

Stellar Drive ToolBox is a complete Mac optimization software which helps to keep your Mac in tip top shape. It is a complete pack of 12 utilities with one bonus utility. You can try speedup utility of this tool which can remove all rubbish things from either entire Mac drive or any selected Mac volume. You can remove files based on some criteria like particular language, size of the files, extension etc..

Defragmentation process is also very useful to speedup your Mac. With the passage of time fragmented data scattered in all Mac disk and it results slow processing time. This third party tool has capability to defrag all your Mac files and make processor fast. You can solve disk related issues from it, volume manager helps to verify, repair and rebuild all disk related problem. Even you can check your disk performance. By partition Manager utility, you can create partitions, delete, resize Mac partitions.

If your Mac has lots of unnecessary data and if you want to delete some data beyond recovery then wiping is very helpful technique to do all. After wiping no one can recover data from your Mac drive.
If you follow above mentioned steps, definitely you can get rid of slow Mac performance.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How to Make Mac backup Plan | Clone Mac volume

Backup is one of the most important activity for Mac user, it is the only way to protect your data from any disaster, power failure etc.. Apple made it easy with the Time Machine technology , an inbuilt utility launched with Leopard continuing with later versions. But, many of us do not keep backup because we keep blind faith in the robustness of Mac hard drives. Some Mac users don't have reasonable idea about what to backup. In this article we will discuss about what to backup and how?

What should you backup?
The users should make a proper and rational decision in this regard. Not every file in your Mac is important for you. The data which is most important in your life, personal and irreplaceable are photos and home videos. You can keep backup of your official data separate. If your business depends on those bookmarks, contacts, and events— this class of data moves up in the order of importance.

Backup Options:-
You can keep data in simple external drive, but that is not very reliable and secure way. Time machine is an advanced backup option in Mac which keeps incremental backup. But, you cannot create bootable backup(clone) by using Time machine. There are many other backup options available e.g- online backup, offline backup , using third party backup etc.. Keeping data in external drive is called offline backup.

Online backup
Online backup:- Online backup provides a way to protect your data from on-site disasters. You can upload your most precious data to the cloud, DropBox. And, you can recover it from the remote backup server.

Third party tool:- Stellar Drive Clone is one of the famous backup option for Mac user.    
 Either you can make Mac drive clone or image of your Mac volume. It can create exact replica of your Mac drive. It supports exFAT-formatted drives. Clone your volume to another volume, folder, or a network drive. It helps Mac user to create Bootable backup so that if they would like to shift new Mac, they could work woth previous Mac data. To keep data in image form will give you benefit of consuming less memory space because data remains in compress for. This tool provides you safe data backup plan.

Make a backup plan:-
How you backup depends on what you backup. You can make multiple backups of Personal data and keep a rotating off-site backup. The rest can be stored to the Time Machine drive attached to your Mac.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Steps to improve Mac performance

Mac is a popular and preferred operating system. It is considered as a reliable OS and Mac users can really depend on it. But, despite of it’s awesome features, people face sluggish behavior of Mac.

With the passage of time. This problem seems to be frustrating and annoying as users don’t want to work on slow Mac. You can keep it’s performance maintained by putting some extra effort and time. There are several third party tools available in market having capability to keep your Mac performance at rocket speed.

Reasons of Slow Mac:-
Every time when OS is used for sorting files, accessing Internet, downloading files, music or video, Mac seems to store files in hard drive and consumes system resources and high CPU usage. There can be many reasons behind this type of problems, some are given below:-
  1. Inadequate system resources
  2. Collection of unwanted and duplicate files
  3. Incompatible hardware or software
Common problem faced by people by slow Mac:-
  1. Sudden system shutdown
  2. Freezing of Mac
  3. Problems in loading files
  4. Delayed response
  5. System crash
Secure way to increase Mac speed:-
There are certain tips that can definitely help in improving the speed and optimizing Mac performance.

The users can look for unnecessary files and delete them because it is seen that junk and duplicate files occupy large space of the drive and makes it almost full. When the data is stored, it gets divided into small fragments and when you want to access them, it is recollected. Of course recollection process will take much time and make your system slow. Here defragmentation needed.

If you start removing all junks from your Mac , it will definitely take much time so, I recommend you to use third party tool.  Stellar Drive ToolBox is one of the advantageous tool, which helps you to improve Mac performance. It has 13 utilities for various Mac optimization process.

Stellar Drive Toolbox
Speedup Mac- This utility helps you to remove all unwanted caches, logs, language files, system junks, universal binaries etc.. from Mac drive and optimize free space for further use by system to store data. There are number of options avail inside this tool, you can schedule cleaning process and remove by sorting on the basis of size, extension, language etc..

Defragmentation- Defrag Mac utility helps you to collect all fragmented data in Mac drive. You can either perform this process on whole Mac or selected drive.

In this way, you can get rid of slow Mac performance.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Easy way to backup my Mac

If your Mac is stolen , damaged , you can easily replace hardware and software but what about data? Important official documents, photos, videos etc. you can lose all your hard work and precious records forever. Keeping backup is the best way to prevent data loss.

Mac backup
Mac OS X has backup solution in the form of Time Machine. It keeps data as an incremental backup but it has some limitations like, you cannot create bootable backup known as a clone. You can keep exact copy of startup volume on another hard drive. I recommend bootable backup for Mac users but the technology has some downsides.

You need exact size of destination hard drive in which you will keep cloned data so, it is little bit expensive. The other way of keeping backup data in the form of image, which consumes less hard drive space and inexpensive as compare to clone.

How to create backup? 
Stellar Drive Clone is the famous tool for creating backup. It  automatically excludes all the bad sectors or unreadable sectors presents in source Mac hard drive, thereby making the cloned disk a healthy one. Just install this backup utility and select source and destination drive for making backup.

Features of this tool:-
1. It helps to create an exact, identical copy of your Mac Disk to another Disk/Volume.
2. It can support Solid-state drives and exFAT-formatted drives.
4. You can create clone of  your volume to another volume, folder, or a network drive.
5. It can create clone of boot volume included recovery HD.

Options in this tool:-
Cloning- It creates exact sector by sector backup of your precious data into some other Mac drive or networked attached drive. You can choose either entire Mac or any particular drive. During cloning process you can resize the size of destination drive.
Imaging- By using this option you can keep data in image form. Data remains in image form do not contains free space or bad sectors.
Restore- You can restore back your data from  the image file or the cloned folder. 

Back up the essentials:- 

Whenever you create bootable backups, be sure to make copies of your important and frequently used files. If backup source folder is very large, then the prcess can take time and require a lot of storage space. It’s best practice to back up all your important files and folders once in a week. You can do this manually, but a backup tool will do the entire process automatically.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Why is My Mac slow | Fix slow Mac

Mac machine has a tendency to slow down and get more lethargic over time. If you start search on “slow Mac” in a search engine you will get a long list of queries from frustrated Mac users. In most cases, slow performance on your MacBook is the result of insufficient RAM, low disk space, too many startup utilities or unnecessary processes running in the background etc.. The best way to make your Mac run faster is to sort out these problem one by one.

You need a minimum of 2 gigabytes of RAM to run a Mac OS and you really need a minimum of 3 gigs to run everything smoothly. If more applications are running at the same time, the more RAM and system resources are consumed. A good rule is to quit unused applications. You will see a noticeable difference in the speed of your Mac if you follow this rule. This is one of the simplest ways to make your Mac faster and will really make it run smoother.

Next step is to remove unnecessary login items, uninstall unused applications and widgets from the Mac. Free up space on the hard drive by deleting documents files, which you are not using, caches, language files, system junks, universal binaries etc.. Ideally you should always keep as least one third space of your drive free so that your computer will work smoothly. 

To clean Mac drive you can use Stellar SpeedUp Mac, a third party tool. It helps you to remove all unnecessary items from your Mac and keep optimized. If you are working with busy schedule and you don't have enough time for clean up process, just schedule cleaning process with the help of this tool on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Another tips to speed up your Mac is to check and fix your Mac’s internal hard drive preferences at least one time in a month. With the help of Apple Disk Utilities ,select your internal hard drive and then click on Repair Permissions. The repair process will take between ten and twenty minutes depending on the size of the disk. Mac users should reboot system al least one time in a Month. However , it is not hard and fast rule but it will keep your Mac healthy.

These are some common causes of performance problems. You will always get better performance from your Mac if you follow above tips.

Friday, 14 September 2012

How defragmentation can Speedup Mac

When you first purchase a new Mac, it has files of operating system and some pre-installed software packages. With the passage of time when you start working as downloading new files, applications, widgets , it save these files in a relatively orderly fashion. And this result slow Mac performance because when you click to open any file, processor takes more time to search the fragments of the file in Mac hard drive. Sluggish behavior of Mac really frustrate you.

How can you get rid of slow Mac?
Defragmentation is the process by which one can speedup their Mac. It keeps fragmented data in contiguous memory locations. The new Mac file system(HFS+) has the ability to minimize fragmentation of 20 MB file size. So, if you are working on heavy file e.g- multimedia applications, photoshop etc. then you must defrag your Mac drive.

A single file or document in Mac drive is the bunch of little bits, which are scattered across multiple places on your Mac drive. There are many tools which can Mac drive. Stellar Drive Defrag is a famous tool for Mac defragmentation. It helps to defrag each files and folder of Mac and make it fast as like as rocket speed.
Scattered Dat

Features of Stellar Drive Defrag tool:-
1. Defragment individual files:- You can perform defragmenting process either for whole drive or for an individual file.
2. Easy to use interface:- Everything or steps are easy to run this application for user.
3. It supports Hot Zone:- Mac OS X is an intelligent about the files which are used frequently and moves those files into a specific section of drive, called Hot Zone for improved accessing time. Defrag tool of Stellar understands the hot zone and also the types of files which should be there.
4. Temperature Monitoring:- While drfragging the Mac disk , it watches temperature and if something gonna wrong ,it indicates you at the instant.
5. Bootable DVD:- Mac user can defrag boot volume with the help of bootable DVD. 

System Requirements:-
Processor: Intel, PowerPC (G3 or later)
Operating System: Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.6, OS X 10.5, OS X 10.4 and OS X 10.3.
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Hard Disk: 25 MB of free space
Defragmentation helps not only to keep scattered data in an organized way but also boost the system performance and keep the system in tip top shape.

How to remove cache from Mac to improve performance

What is cache?
It is a collection of same type of items stored in a hidden or inaccessible place. When you browse Internet, cache is a temporary place to keep a copy of information for faster retrieval on the second request. It is stored in different levels including cache memory and a disk cache.

What is difference between buffer and cache?
Buffer is also like cache, it is a temporary place for data, but with the primary purpose of coordinating communication between programs or hardware rather than improving process speed.

Why to Clear and delete cache for fast speed?
There are number of browsers in this world and each has a different way to clear cache. In Firefox, go to tools menu and click to clear recent history. But there are different types of cache:-

Web browser cache - It contains the most recent file and web pages which you have recently accessed.
Disk Cache - In Mac disk, copy of the most recently accessed is stored for fast access. Sometimes lots of cache starts slowing down your system.

How to remove cache from Mac?
 Either you can remove it manually or by using any third party tool. Stellar speedup Mac is one of the famous tools for this work. It can remove all unwanted things like cache, logs, language files, universal binaries, system junks, duplicate files etc. from your Mac. You can remove all rubbish things either from entire Mac or any particular Mac drive.  After removing all these things you will get free space available in your Mac and its rocket speed. This software helps you to schedule cleaning process.

How to speedup Mac?
1.Open SpeedUp Mac.
2.Set preference, Through General preferences tab you can delete temp/large/duplicate files, cache, and log files.

Click ok option and SpeedUp Now and process will start. A user can anytime ‘Stop’ the application.

Monday, 10 September 2012

How To Check health of Mac’s Hard Disk

Checking the hard drive health of a Mac is a part of a periodic maintenance routine. It’s recommended to all Mac users to check disk status on regular basis for better performance of Mac. Disk Utility is an inbuilt feature of Mac which helps you to find whether your disk is functioning correctly or not.  

Repairing a Mac Boot Disk with Disk Utility:-

1. Open Disk Utility from the Applications -> Utilities folder.
2. In the left-hand side panel, select your main hard disk
3. Click First Aid tab and hit the Verify Disk button. Your disk’s status and any problems encountered will be displayed in the main window.
If there are no error in disk, you will get message “Everything is fine, no problem”. And if any found then please click Repair Disk option.
Mac user can also use Third party tool to check the health of drive. Stellar Drive ToolBox is one of the famous tool which helps you to find out errors in Mac drive. There are 12 utilities in this tool, one of them is Drive Status. It helps Mac user to check entire Mac hard drive information, including all basic details, full drive description, and the SMART status.

Features of this utility:-
1.Check the drive health
2. Check the performance status
3. Monitors Mac Drive status using SMART attributes
General Status:- You can see the drive title, content, media type, total drive size, file system used etc.
Full Description:- This option displays entire information of Mac drive including creation date, backup date, file count, etc.
S.M.A.R.T:- It is called Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology . It is made to constantly monitor Mac user can find the health status, temperature and other vital parameters by this option.

Above tips will help you to keep your Mac Drive healthy and boost the performance. Imagine, if your loose your data due to hard drive failure and you don't have backup, what will happen? So, every Mac user should monitor their Mac drive to stop any disaster.