Sunday, 30 September 2012

Is your Mac really fast? If no make it

People cannot afford a new Mac every year, but can keep it in good running condition just like when it was new. It is a common problem of Mac user to slow down Mac performance with the passage of time. Most users know some additional RAM would help, but there are plenty of ways to speed up your Mac without having to spend any money. Just need to focus on some points.
If you face problem in opening application, every time a slow start-up, slow read/write process etc.. It means your Mac has has some problem and needs your care. Now it's a big question how to make your Mac fast?

1. Disable Thumbnails in Finder:- Each Mac user should disable thumbnail of images because it takes lots of spaces. You can find it from Finder option in Mac.

2. Disable extra startup items:- When you login, there are lots of startup items that appear ,when you start your system. The users should note that these items eat too much of your RAM and thus slow down your Mac.

3. Keep at least 10% of free space in your Mac disk:- Make sure you should always have sufficient free space available on the hard drive for caches, temporary files, and virtual memory (swap). If there will not be free space you might feel sluggish behaviour of Mac.

4. Clear all system junks, caches, unused applications:- Lots of caches, duplicate files consumes much memory space and it slow down your system. Deleting these stuffs manually, can be a time taking process so, you can do cleanup task by third party tool.

Stellar Drive ToolBox is a complete Mac optimization software which helps to keep your Mac in tip top shape. It is a complete pack of 12 utilities with one bonus utility. You can try speedup utility of this tool which can remove all rubbish things from either entire Mac drive or any selected Mac volume. You can remove files based on some criteria like particular language, size of the files, extension etc..

Defragmentation process is also very useful to speedup your Mac. With the passage of time fragmented data scattered in all Mac disk and it results slow processing time. This third party tool has capability to defrag all your Mac files and make processor fast. You can solve disk related issues from it, volume manager helps to verify, repair and rebuild all disk related problem. Even you can check your disk performance. By partition Manager utility, you can create partitions, delete, resize Mac partitions.

If your Mac has lots of unnecessary data and if you want to delete some data beyond recovery then wiping is very helpful technique to do all. After wiping no one can recover data from your Mac drive.
If you follow above mentioned steps, definitely you can get rid of slow Mac performance.

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