Friday, 27 April 2012

Optimizing Mac performance | Steps to optimize Mac Lion performance

I am currently using OS X Lion and have installed so many apps for fun. But, for last few weeks, I am noticing the sluggish behaviour of my Mac. I searched for solution to resolve this problem and found that optimizing Mac can help to improve my Mac performance.

I started cleaning Mac drive manually by deleting browser’s cache, unwanted applications etc. But found it very time consuming. In this situation removing unwanted files by using software was an easier and faster way. While searching for such optimization software, I found Stellar Drive ToolBox (a combination of 12 utilities) as one of the Mac optimizing and performance enhancement software.

Disk defrag and speed up Mac utility of Drive ToolBox are the ones which help to boost Mac performance. The latest version of these utilities carry these features:

Features of Stellar Speed Up Mac:-
  • Clean up unwanted Applications, Plug-ins  and  Widgets
  • Live status of hard disk space gained after cleanup process in finished.
  • Scheduler to perform tasks at a specified time shedule 
  • More interactive and user-friendly interfaces
     Stellar Drive Defrag is a utility that helps you to defrag a Mac system successfully. It has useful options to defrag either the entire Mac hard drive or selected files. Defragment Mac is a process to keep fragmented files in contigious memory location to enhance access speed of files.

Features of Drive Defrag:-
  • Effectively defragments Mac hard drives and volumes
  • Uses advanced algorithms for Quick drive defragmentation
  • Defragments individual files as well as metadata.
  • Optimizes free hard disk space
  • Creates Bootable DVD for defragmenting Mac boot volume
After using this utility I found my Mac running easy and it saves my precious time too.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

How to protect files on Mac Lion | Protect Macbook Files

I am working as a Programmer and facing problem with hectic work schedule in IT field. Sometimes I work from home to complete the task. But it's very tough for me to protect files on Mac Lion OS from the reach of children. My friends proposed me a solution to keep files in an encryted form to protect Macbook Files .

Data Encryptor
Being a programmer I love to protect my files by using Disk utility tool, which is an inbuilt feature of Mac OS X. But one of my friends , who works as an author doesn't find Disk utility easy to use for protecting files.
I started to search other  
Data Encryptor for him and suggested 'Stellar Data Encryptor'. However, we can use other security tools (like locked doors and server-based backup systems) to protect sensetive data. But Stellar data encryptor tool has advanced features which is really helpful to keep data safe.

Stellar data encryptor is one of the modules of Drive ToolBox software which is a combination of 12 utilities.It Provides ultimate security to confidential data by encrypting and hiding files or folders. you can select any file or folders from your Mac and encrypt them to an unreadable format. And any other decryption tool can not open that file. You can prevent unauthorized access to your confidential data by encrypting and hiding selected files or folders.

Key Features:-
  • You can Protect Macbook Files from unauthorised access.
  • You can hide your encrypted files
  • Provides option to verify, whether the listed hidden files really exist in the system
  • It encrypts upto a level that no other tool can decrypt the file.
Now my friend is very happy to work with this software. He doesn't bother to keep files from the reach of children. Hope my experience will be helpIful for other Mac users.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mac Partitioning Software

Partitioning in Mac separates the storage space in hard drive. If you want to keep both applications and data in your Mac drive then you should  make separate partitions for them. It improves the data access rate of Mac OS. It also helps to automatically minimize the number of operations to be performed and acts as a space management technique. If you are facing problem in partitioning mac volume just check 'Stellar partition manager' software.

There are inbuilt feature in mac which helps to create partition in mac called Disk utility. Splitting the hard disk helps in separating the file based on different categories. We can organize data in a reasonable manner and thus helps user in easily dealing with them. We can follow another advance way to perform this task by using software ' Stellar partition manager'.

Stellar partition manager is the module of Drive Toolbox , which is a pack of 12 utilities. It has the capability to delete, resize, create new partition in mac. It is an efficient partition management tool that is exclusively designed for Mac OS X. If there is available and unused free space in any drive, it can be utilized for resizing or creating a new volume.
Mac Partitioning Software
Features of Stellar partition manager :-
  • You can change the size of partition according to your data
  • With this tool you can partition your disk even without formatting
  • You can hide and Reveals any Mac partition- which helps you preventing confidential data against unauthrosied access.
  • You can create Bootable DVD to manage the boot volume
  • Rollback option - you can select a volume for deletion, but decided not to proceed, you can rollback the selection.
The tool is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and upper version. Now it's easy for mac user to adjust volume size according the data usage.