Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Easy way to backup my Mac

If your Mac is stolen , damaged , you can easily replace hardware and software but what about data? Important official documents, photos, videos etc. you can lose all your hard work and precious records forever. Keeping backup is the best way to prevent data loss.

Mac backup
Mac OS X has backup solution in the form of Time Machine. It keeps data as an incremental backup but it has some limitations like, you cannot create bootable backup known as a clone. You can keep exact copy of startup volume on another hard drive. I recommend bootable backup for Mac users but the technology has some downsides.

You need exact size of destination hard drive in which you will keep cloned data so, it is little bit expensive. The other way of keeping backup data in the form of image, which consumes less hard drive space and inexpensive as compare to clone.

How to create backup? 
Stellar Drive Clone is the famous tool for creating backup. It  automatically excludes all the bad sectors or unreadable sectors presents in source Mac hard drive, thereby making the cloned disk a healthy one. Just install this backup utility and select source and destination drive for making backup.

Features of this tool:-
1. It helps to create an exact, identical copy of your Mac Disk to another Disk/Volume.
2. It can support Solid-state drives and exFAT-formatted drives.
4. You can create clone of  your volume to another volume, folder, or a network drive.
5. It can create clone of boot volume included recovery HD.

Options in this tool:-
Cloning- It creates exact sector by sector backup of your precious data into some other Mac drive or networked attached drive. You can choose either entire Mac or any particular drive. During cloning process you can resize the size of destination drive.
Imaging- By using this option you can keep data in image form. Data remains in image form do not contains free space or bad sectors.
Restore- You can restore back your data from  the image file or the cloned folder. 

Back up the essentials:- 

Whenever you create bootable backups, be sure to make copies of your important and frequently used files. If backup source folder is very large, then the prcess can take time and require a lot of storage space. It’s best practice to back up all your important files and folders once in a week. You can do this manually, but a backup tool will do the entire process automatically.

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