Friday, 21 September 2012

Steps to improve Mac performance

Mac is a popular and preferred operating system. It is considered as a reliable OS and Mac users can really depend on it. But, despite of it’s awesome features, people face sluggish behavior of Mac.

With the passage of time. This problem seems to be frustrating and annoying as users don’t want to work on slow Mac. You can keep it’s performance maintained by putting some extra effort and time. There are several third party tools available in market having capability to keep your Mac performance at rocket speed.

Reasons of Slow Mac:-
Every time when OS is used for sorting files, accessing Internet, downloading files, music or video, Mac seems to store files in hard drive and consumes system resources and high CPU usage. There can be many reasons behind this type of problems, some are given below:-
  1. Inadequate system resources
  2. Collection of unwanted and duplicate files
  3. Incompatible hardware or software
Common problem faced by people by slow Mac:-
  1. Sudden system shutdown
  2. Freezing of Mac
  3. Problems in loading files
  4. Delayed response
  5. System crash
Secure way to increase Mac speed:-
There are certain tips that can definitely help in improving the speed and optimizing Mac performance.

The users can look for unnecessary files and delete them because it is seen that junk and duplicate files occupy large space of the drive and makes it almost full. When the data is stored, it gets divided into small fragments and when you want to access them, it is recollected. Of course recollection process will take much time and make your system slow. Here defragmentation needed.

If you start removing all junks from your Mac , it will definitely take much time so, I recommend you to use third party tool.  Stellar Drive ToolBox is one of the advantageous tool, which helps you to improve Mac performance. It has 13 utilities for various Mac optimization process.

Stellar Drive Toolbox
Speedup Mac- This utility helps you to remove all unwanted caches, logs, language files, system junks, universal binaries etc.. from Mac drive and optimize free space for further use by system to store data. There are number of options avail inside this tool, you can schedule cleaning process and remove by sorting on the basis of size, extension, language etc..

Defragmentation- Defrag Mac utility helps you to collect all fragmented data in Mac drive. You can either perform this process on whole Mac or selected drive.

In this way, you can get rid of slow Mac performance.

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