Friday, 14 September 2012

How to remove cache from Mac to improve performance

What is cache?
It is a collection of same type of items stored in a hidden or inaccessible place. When you browse Internet, cache is a temporary place to keep a copy of information for faster retrieval on the second request. It is stored in different levels including cache memory and a disk cache.

What is difference between buffer and cache?
Buffer is also like cache, it is a temporary place for data, but with the primary purpose of coordinating communication between programs or hardware rather than improving process speed.

Why to Clear and delete cache for fast speed?
There are number of browsers in this world and each has a different way to clear cache. In Firefox, go to tools menu and click to clear recent history. But there are different types of cache:-

Web browser cache - It contains the most recent file and web pages which you have recently accessed.
Disk Cache - In Mac disk, copy of the most recently accessed is stored for fast access. Sometimes lots of cache starts slowing down your system.

How to remove cache from Mac?
 Either you can remove it manually or by using any third party tool. Stellar speedup Mac is one of the famous tools for this work. It can remove all unwanted things like cache, logs, language files, universal binaries, system junks, duplicate files etc. from your Mac. You can remove all rubbish things either from entire Mac or any particular Mac drive.  After removing all these things you will get free space available in your Mac and its rocket speed. This software helps you to schedule cleaning process.

How to speedup Mac?
1.Open SpeedUp Mac.
2.Set preference, Through General preferences tab you can delete temp/large/duplicate files, cache, and log files.

Click ok option and SpeedUp Now and process will start. A user can anytime ‘Stop’ the application.

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