Friday, 14 September 2012

How defragmentation can Speedup Mac

When you first purchase a new Mac, it has files of operating system and some pre-installed software packages. With the passage of time when you start working as downloading new files, applications, widgets , it save these files in a relatively orderly fashion. And this result slow Mac performance because when you click to open any file, processor takes more time to search the fragments of the file in Mac hard drive. Sluggish behavior of Mac really frustrate you.

How can you get rid of slow Mac?
Defragmentation is the process by which one can speedup their Mac. It keeps fragmented data in contiguous memory locations. The new Mac file system(HFS+) has the ability to minimize fragmentation of 20 MB file size. So, if you are working on heavy file e.g- multimedia applications, photoshop etc. then you must defrag your Mac drive.

A single file or document in Mac drive is the bunch of little bits, which are scattered across multiple places on your Mac drive. There are many tools which can Mac drive. Stellar Drive Defrag is a famous tool for Mac defragmentation. It helps to defrag each files and folder of Mac and make it fast as like as rocket speed.
Scattered Dat

Features of Stellar Drive Defrag tool:-
1. Defragment individual files:- You can perform defragmenting process either for whole drive or for an individual file.
2. Easy to use interface:- Everything or steps are easy to run this application for user.
3. It supports Hot Zone:- Mac OS X is an intelligent about the files which are used frequently and moves those files into a specific section of drive, called Hot Zone for improved accessing time. Defrag tool of Stellar understands the hot zone and also the types of files which should be there.
4. Temperature Monitoring:- While drfragging the Mac disk , it watches temperature and if something gonna wrong ,it indicates you at the instant.
5. Bootable DVD:- Mac user can defrag boot volume with the help of bootable DVD. 

System Requirements:-
Processor: Intel, PowerPC (G3 or later)
Operating System: Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.6, OS X 10.5, OS X 10.4 and OS X 10.3.
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Hard Disk: 25 MB of free space
Defragmentation helps not only to keep scattered data in an organized way but also boost the system performance and keep the system in tip top shape.

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