Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mac backup options | Backup plan

Is it necessary to keep Mac backup regularly?

Backups are very important, no doubt it helps to save your precious data in case of any disaster like system crashes, fire, power failure, hard disk failure. Many people do not regularly back up their data. While some believe it’s a complicated process, and others because of their blind faith in the robustness of Mac hard drives. But it is not hard process that Apple’s made to keep backup easy to do with the Time Machine technology that's built into Leopard and greater version.

Methods of backup:-
  1. Online backup
  2. Offline backup
  3. Third party tool
Online backup is the method of keeping data on remote server. Drop Box, Black blaze are the famous online data backup solution for Mac users. With the help of Drop Box you can store your data at remote server via internet. You can store data up to 2 GB absolutely free but, after that you'll have to pay as per the plan. The users can access and modify the remotely stored data from anywhere and at any time.

When you keep backup in external hard drive it is called an offline backup solution. Time Machine also comes in offline backup. You store your data via Time Machine in Time capsule which is connected over local network. It is a good backup method and keeps incremental backup. But you can not create bootable backup via this tool.

There are several third party backup tools available but , Stellar Drive Clone is the famous among all them. It has lots of advance applications like ability to create clone, image, bootable backup etc. You can create either clone of entire Mac or particular volume which is useful to recover data in future. Imaging is also one of the good methods of keeping backup because data remains in compressed form which occupies less hard drive space. Mac user can resize target volume at the time of cloning. It allows you to create a Boot DVD of the software to clone the Boot volume of your Mac.

The Drive Clone utility automatically excludes all the bad or unreadable sectors from the drive and you do not need to do anything in this regard. For more details :- http://www.stellarclonedrive.com/

What to backup – Plan to backup
 Keeping backup is thinking about what you backup. You will, for example, wish to make multiple backups of personal and immovable data and keep an off-site (like CD, DVD) backup. The rest can be backed up to the Time Machine drive attached to your Mac. Now that you have to decide, which data is the most precious to you .

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