Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How to Make Mac backup Plan | Clone Mac volume

Backup is one of the most important activity for Mac user, it is the only way to protect your data from any disaster, power failure etc.. Apple made it easy with the Time Machine technology , an inbuilt utility launched with Leopard continuing with later versions. But, many of us do not keep backup because we keep blind faith in the robustness of Mac hard drives. Some Mac users don't have reasonable idea about what to backup. In this article we will discuss about what to backup and how?

What should you backup?
The users should make a proper and rational decision in this regard. Not every file in your Mac is important for you. The data which is most important in your life, personal and irreplaceable are photos and home videos. You can keep backup of your official data separate. If your business depends on those bookmarks, contacts, and events— this class of data moves up in the order of importance.

Backup Options:-
You can keep data in simple external drive, but that is not very reliable and secure way. Time machine is an advanced backup option in Mac which keeps incremental backup. But, you cannot create bootable backup(clone) by using Time machine. There are many other backup options available e.g- online backup, offline backup , using third party backup etc.. Keeping data in external drive is called offline backup.

Online backup
Online backup:- Online backup provides a way to protect your data from on-site disasters. You can upload your most precious data to the cloud, DropBox. And, you can recover it from the remote backup server.

Third party tool:- Stellar Drive Clone is one of the famous backup option for Mac user.    
 Either you can make Mac drive clone or image of your Mac volume. It can create exact replica of your Mac drive. It supports exFAT-formatted drives. Clone your volume to another volume, folder, or a network drive. It helps Mac user to create Bootable backup so that if they would like to shift new Mac, they could work woth previous Mac data. To keep data in image form will give you benefit of consuming less memory space because data remains in compress for. This tool provides you safe data backup plan.

Make a backup plan:-
How you backup depends on what you backup. You can make multiple backups of Personal data and keep a rotating off-site backup. The rest can be stored to the Time Machine drive attached to your Mac.

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