Friday, 10 August 2012

Prepare your Mac to install Mountain Lion

Apple has released it's new Mac OS version called Mountain Lion. Mac lovers are excited to install and update latest version of OS X. Before installation you need to prepare your Mac for full coordination with new version. Some people say, it is necessary to clean and maintain your Mac to keep it healthy and secured. Whereas some Mac users believe that Mac has the ability to optimize itself. With the passage of time, every system starts slowing down. Third party tool are really good option for this purpose. It helps to optimize your Mac, cleaning, partitioning, defragging, cloning and many more.

There are lots of Mac maintenance tools available in the market, each has its own sets of advantage or issues. Choosing best utility for you Mac is one of the difficult tasks. There is one demanding and famous software “Stellar Drive Toolbox” that offers you a wide range of new approach towards system Maintenance. It is a complete pack of 12 utilities and it provides complete care and security to its users. It helps to clean Mac, add, delete, resize volumes, and helps to solve drive related issue.

This Mac cleaning utility programs offers:-

Surface scan:- This utility helps to detect bad memory blocks and thoroughly scans any Mac drive. You can get information about each block. It provides every information about your Mac drive. After getting this, you can decide if there is a need for volume repair or not.

Drive Initialize:- With the helps of this software you can format your Mac drive and assign new file system like HFS+ or FAT 32. It supports three partition map.

Drive Performance:- You can evaluate Mac drive performance by this program. It calculates data transfer rate during various input/output operation. You can see it as graphical representation.

Volume Repair:- You can easily verify, repair, and rebuild any Mac hard drive volume. You can find incorrect permissions on system files.

SpeedUp Mac:- It helps to remove all rubbish thing of Mac like unwanted files, logs, caches, binaries, language files , widgets etc. to create more free space in drive and speed up your Mac performance.

Drive Status:- You can check full description, SMART status of Mac hard drive.

Drive Defrag:- It heps to keep fragmented data in contiguous memory location to Make your Mac fast.

Partition Manager:- Add, delete, format, resize Mac volume. You can hide/ reveal your Mac volume.

Shield:- Helps to keep images of hard drive at scheduled time.

Drive clone:- You can keep Mac backup either in the form of image or clone.

Row data editor:- It helps ti repair minor corruption in file system. Only advance Mac user can use it.

Wipe:- You can remove data from Mac drive beyond recovery.

Data Encryptor tool:- You can keep your data safe by using this utility. It helps to change data into unreadable form.

You can take advantage of all of these applications as an ultimate Mac optimization tool and install Mountain Lion.

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