Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How to create partitions to install mountain lion

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion has been released by Apple and it is available for download from the Mac App Store. You can install it either Lion or new version of snow leopard. Before installing ,you need to create partitions in your Mac Drive.

There are so many advantages of creating partitions:-

1. To keep users data separate from OS files.
2. The other partitions uaffected even if one gets corrupted.
3. If you want to create a clone of your Mac OS , you can do it separately without copying users file.
4. You can create multi-boot setups so as to install different operating systems on different partitions.

How to create partitions :-

You can do that either Disk utility or via third party tool. Disk utility is an inbuilt utility of Mac but, if you want to use some advance features then use Stellar Partition Manager. It is one of the best tool for partitioning.

Step1. Run Stellar partition manager. You can see image given below.
Step2. Click “Add” button from toolbar, mention the size of partition and start the process by clicking “start” button.
Step3. Task is done. You can resize the partition size by simply dragging the corner of that partition.
Step4. Install Mountain Lion in one of the selected partitions.
The important point to note here is – One cannot apply this partition manager to modify partitions on current drive. For this, one needs to create a bootable DVD which can be created by this software itself.

Here is list of tasks which can be performed with Stellar partition manager.
1.Create new partitions
2 .Delete partitions
3.Format Mac partitions
4.Hide/Reveal partitions in Mac disk
5.Resize partitions as per the requirement

One of the best advantage of this tool is when you will delete a Mac partition with Stellar partition manager, the free space created and gets optimized automatically. This feature is not available in Apple disk utility. And, it has easy to understand GUI with plain language approach, provides it an extra edge over disk utility.

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