Monday, 13 August 2012

How to resize Mac partition

It is a good practice for computer users to keep data in well organized way in different Mac partitions. Sometimes partition management in Mac drive becomes crucial and inflexible. Disk utility helps us to create, delete, format disk partitions in Mac OS. You can add, delete, and format Mac partitions. But, modification/resizing of partitions via disk utility is not easy. Free space of one partition can't be merged into another so, it is recommended to use third party tool for this purpose.

What tasks can be done by using Mac disk utility?
  1. Creation and conversion of disk images into Mac readable format.
  2. Mounting and unmounting of disks (both hard disks and removable disks)
  3. Checking the S.M.A.R.T status of Mac drive.
  4. Disk formatting, creating ,deleting partitions.
But, Disk utility has some limitations:-
1.You can not hide/reveal Mac partition
2. Automatic shifting of all the free spaces at one location is not possible.
There is no need to worry if you have a Mac and want to perform some advanced modifications in your partitions, you can do it with Stellar Partition Manager. User can resize Mac partition by following below steps.
  1. Select the Volume/Partition to be resized from the and drag to increase or decrease the size. You can see it in below added image:-

  2. Once the operation is completed, the resized partition gets mounted on the desktop.
If you want to resize Boot volume then you will have to create bootable DVD because running OS doesn't allow to resize it. You can create bootable DVD by using above described partitioning tool. One can easily create, add, delete, format Mac partition. Hide/reveal options provide facility to prevent unauthorized access. When we delete a Mac partition with Stellar partition manager, free space is created which gets optimized automatically. This feature is not available in Apple disk utility.
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