Monday, 20 August 2012

Basic Maintenance tips for Mac

Whenever you browse Mac forums ,you get a common issue or hot topic discussed by Mac users i.e with the passage of time their Mac starts acting flaky ,crashing ,unstable, freezing or generally misbehaving. Mac computers are based on advanced technology which makes it the most popular OS among all computer using communities.

If your Mac is running slow or things don’t seem to be working as they should, it means your Mac needs little bit of Maintenance work. Maintenance means - “The process of keeping something in good condition or the state of being maintained”. Here we discuss some tips - how to keep Mac in tip top shape?

1. Use Disk Utility regularly - Apple's Disk Utility can do the basic maintenance for you. It helps to repair permissions, and more importantly, verifying and repairing the hard drive.
It can be used to resolve disk related issues, checking S.M.A.R.T. status, repairing disk permissions, resizing disk space, add, delete, format Mac volumes etc.. If the structure of the disk’s file system is changed in some way, then your Mac might start ,misbehaving in such case disk utility can verify or repair disk permissions.
You can find it here /Applications/Utilities in your Mac.

2. Keep updated version of Mac software - You should periodically check the Mac App Store for updates of your apps and software because updated version has more advance features. It helps to general bug fixes, feature enhancements, and security fixes.

3. Clean off desktop and less startup item :- If you have lots of files on the desktop will actually slow down a Mac because each file and its icon preview consumes RAM and resources, and if you have less RAM , you’ll get sluggish Mac. Always keep less startup items to save RAM memory space.

4. Use any Cleaning utility:- When Mac drive becomes partially full, it starts slowing down. To remove unused data ,caches, logs, widgets, binaries, system junks, language files from your Mac, you need to use any third party tool e.g- Stellar SpeedUp Mac, CleanGenius, product of Mackeeper and more.

5. Keep Mac backup on regular basis:- Keeping your files backed up is just good practice, it helps you to recover your important data from any disaster.

Care and maintenance is very important for all things, especially for your Mac . It helps not only to improve your Mac performance but also for it's long life. A regular maintenance reduces chances drive failures and saves you from expensive repairs.

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