Friday, 17 August 2012

Create partitions to install Mountain Lion

New release of Mac OS X i.e Mountain Lion can be installed directly from Apple Store. If you have updated version of snow leopard or Lion , either you can update it into Mountain Lion or clean installation is also possible. A "clean" install means that you start fresh, by erasing all of the data on the target drive. Since, 8 GB of free hard drive space is needed for the new OS installation, in such case it needs to resize existing partition or format. Apple has provided an inbuilt tool for this task called Disk Utility which helps you to perform disk related tasks or resolve issues of Mac disk.

You can squeeze Mountain Lion onto a smaller drive, but there won't be much space left for user data and applications. I recommend a minimum volume size of at least 60 GB, which will provide sufficient space for the OS, user data, apps, and some free space. I have installed Mountain Lion on a 320 GB volume, which is about right for the type of work I do. Resizing of Mac volume with Disk Utility is little bit tough so, experts recommend third party partitioning tool for this purpose.

In case of Mountain Lion installation, this partition management tool helps you to easily increase or decrease boot volume as per requirements. And for clean installation then existing disk can be formated and free space optimized automatically by this tool. But, it is suggested to keep backup data before formatting Mac disk.

Features of Stellar Partition Manager:-
  • Creates new partitions on your Mac hard drive
  • Formats and Resizes Mac drive
  • Hides and Reveals any Mac partition
  • Deletes Mac volumes, even in case of severe corruption
  • Creates Bootable DVD to manage the boot volume
  • Adds multiple operations in Task-to-do list and performs them as a single step
When partitions are created , you can download Mountain Lion from Mac store and run it on your system.

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