Friday, 24 August 2012

Fix slow Mac by defragmentation

Usually after a few months of usages, a Mac loses its performance. You may face problems while opening, copying, moving or deleting files or installed applications. This uncommon behavior of Mac has been encountered by almost every Mac users and they get worried about their slow Mac. Fragmentation is one of the most prominent reasons for this. But, this problem can be fixed with the help of following tips:-

Defragmentation of a Mac or PC hard disk drive is the process that reduces file fragmentation by organizing the disks files into contiguous regions of memory. Mac hard disk performs faster read/write operations. The process of deletion makes a free space in between occupied memory chunks. Once the free space in the hard drive gets scattered, it becomes tough for the operating system to allocate the required size of memory to new files. And, this results in the breaking up of new files into multiple logical fragments before saving operations.

New File system of Mac i.e HFS+ has the ability to minimize fragmentation up to 20 MB file size. But when you work on heavy files, it scattered into several pieces and stored Mac hard drive. You can use any defragmentation tool to keep your Mac performance fast.
Stellar Drive Defrag is one of the best tool recommended by expert, which helps you to minimize fragmentation. It has several features which is not available in other tool:-
  • It helps to defragment Mac hard drives and volumes
  • It has advanced algorithms for Quick drive defragmentation
  • Defragments individual files as well as metadata.
  • Optimizes free hard disk space
  • You can create Bootable DVD for defragmenting Mac boot volume

With the help of this Mac defragmenting software, you can either perform full defragmentation of your drive or defrag individual files and metadata. One thing about defragging a disk– it can take hours and the disk drive can get warm. When the temperature reaches a certain level, this tool let you know about temperature by scale. When temp. will go more than 50 degree it will show red color on scale. After all that disk churning and file rearrangement, your Mac run faster.

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