Thursday, 11 April 2013

Solutions to get rid of Bad sectors in Mac

Bad sectors are those sectors in Mac drive which can not be accessed by OS for read/write operations. It occurs due to physical damage in Mac disk. Disk Utility can easily detect bad sectors by CHKDSK or SCANDISK. In such situations, the data present in bad sectors gets lost.

Hard drives are known as storage devices which is used to store your significant information but, if your hard drive gets corrupted or damaged it may result in data loss however data loss occurs in hard drive due to various other reasons like human errors, accidental formatting or re-formatting drive or partition etc. To overcome this problem, it is always suggested by experts to keep backup of entire Mac before leaving it shutdown or sleep.

There are two methods of keeping backup:-

Image - It is copy of data which remains in compressed form.
Clone - It is a copy of your data which is bootable.

Keeping data in the image form is a good idea but you can not boot your Mac with this type of backup however it takes less memory space to store. While clone is the complete replica of your Mac which is bootable. So, experts suggest that always keep clone of your Mac. If you face any disaster like system crash, physical dimage of your Mac then you can easily get back all your data with clone.
Drive clone of  Stellar Drive ToolBox  is one of the most famous Mac back up utility which helps to keep safe backup. This tool has options for both clone and image. Stellar Drive Clone 2.5 is the latest version of this tool which has many advance features:-

1. It helps to create an exact copy of your Mac volume to another Disk/Volume.
2. It allows to create clone with MBR drives formatted.
3. It allows to work with SSD and exFAT-formatted drives.
4. It is possible to easily clone your volume to another volume, folder, or a network drive.

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