Monday, 29 April 2013

Causes of data loss in Mac

Data loss is the most common problem faced by users. There are many causes of this problem. Here are the top most causes of data loss:-

  1. Accidental Deletion:- Sometimes we accidentally empty trash without checking it properly. This situation can cause bigger data loss and if some important system files gets deleted by any means , you may face problem to boot your system.
  2. Computer virus and Malware:- Every system user should keep virus protection software in their machine to protect data because some virus can lead to data loss and hard drive crash.

  3. Physical Damage:- As we know the hard drives have platters which spin at the rate of thousands of RPMs. It is very sensitive pieces of machinery and the activity like bumps, drops, and other mishandling can lead to physical damage. If you keep hard drives carefully at low temperature then it minimizes the chances of data loss.
  1. Logical Errors:- Due to file corruption, software problems, and invalid entries in file locations logical error occurs. It can be the reason of corruption of other files on the Mac drive and lead to data loss. Logical errors can be solved by disk utility in some cases.
  1. Power Failure:- It is a common cause of data loss. If power interruption occurs during your work then it leads to loss of unsaved file.
  1. Natural Disasters:- Lightning strikes, power surges, flood, fire and earthquakes causes physical damage to hard drives and your system.
    Data Loss

Keeping proper backup will help you to keep your data safe. Stellar Drive ToolBox can help you to solve your backup problem. It has 12 utilities, Mac Drive Clone is one of them which helps you to create clone or image of your Mac.

However, Disk Utility will also help you to create backup, you can create image of your data with Disk Utility but, you cannot create bootable backup. So, Drive clone will help you to create both image or clone for your Mac data. 
Options of Drive Clone:- 

Disk Cloning:- You can create exact copy of your Mac data by using this tool.
Imaging:- It will help you to create image of your Mac data.
Restore:- You can restore your data from clone or image file.
Tools:- You can create the bootable DVD by using this option.

        For more details visit here:-  Clone Mac Drive

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