Monday, 15 April 2013

How to resolve corrupted File System issue in Mac?

A sudden power outage or system crash can corrupt your Mac files and you may find problems to restart your Mac. When these things happen, people who already have kept backup of all their data, remain tension free , but, what about those who did not keep back up? They should first try to repair or restore the system files else the data in their disk can go inaccessible.

Problem 1:- Unable to load operating system due to corrupted file system
Windows systems are more prone to corrupt system files more frequently, but you can fix this issue easily. You should use 'system restore' which keeps daily backup and you can restore your system to any previous date. You can find 'system restore' in control panel.

Mac - It is a general complaint of Mac users that file system permission issues occur frequently in Mac. But, it can be solved by rebooting your Mac into safe mode. In safe Mode OS checks all error corrections on the file system.

The other option is ' Disk Utility'. You can check Mac disk health easily and repair it via this inbuilt tool. However, StellarDrive ToolBox  is one of the well known Mac optimization software among Mac users. It is a complete pack of 12 utilities and Volume Repair is one of them. Volume repair helps to verify, repair and rebuild Mac system, which corrects file error to some extent.

The Raw Data Editor of Drive ToolBox, helps to repair minor corruptions in file structure. But, if you are an advanced user and you know the offset value of corrupt file, only then you can repair any file. This utility helps you to repair corrupted files but, you should also take precautions by keeping backup. The regular backups keep you unaffected in data loss situations because you have option to recover data easily.

There are many ways to keep backup, Mac has an inbuilt tool 'Time Machine' which helps to keep backup. But, there are some limitations with Time Machine. You cannot make bootable backup via this tool. But, the job can be done with 'Drive Clone Utility' of Stellar Drive ToolBox. You can either make Image or Clone of your data by using this tool.

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