Sunday, 28 April 2013

Should I keep emptying trash in Mac OS X

Everyday we delete and store many files and folders in our Mac. But, just a simple deletion moves these files to trash. If you are using Mac system then you must know the importance of emptying trash. But, the fact is little for newbies and they should know how to clean up trash and how to delete files completely from the Mac hard drive because these unused files consume a lot of memory space.

There are so many benefits of cleaning up trash. Some of them are:
  1. Mac runs faster
  2. Every application works properly
  3. Cleaning up trash creates more extra space on the Mac hard disk.
  4. Computer performance increases automatically
There are many ways to cleanup trash . First method is just do Double click on the trash icon, trash window appears on the screen then you will see lots of files in trash . Here, you have option to keep the required ones and delete the unneeded files by just selecting and deleting.
Cleanup Trash

Second method is just right click the trash icon and select the “empty trash” option without checking any other files. But, in this case you may lose all your data.
Sometimes, during cleaning trash, you may get error message like you can not delete these files from trash etc. This type of errors come due to incorrect file permission. In this case first you need to correct the file permissions.

Among all the third party tools, used for cleaning Mac, Stellar Drive ToolBox is the best with a combination of 12 utilities. The Speed up Mac module of this tool is versatile enough to scan and delete all types of unnecessary files and applications from your Mac. You can clean trash or even entire Mac drive by using this tool.

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