Monday, 29 April 2013

Back Up Strategy in Mac

It is recommended by all experts to keep backup to protect data. Keeping backup through automatic process is more consistent than manually backing up your files. There are many methods to keep backup like Time Machine which is an inbuilt and free tool available in Mac. Many people love to keep their important data on icloud or other online backup server because CD, DVD, Mac system can crash/destroy any time. Here are some other storage devices to use for different types of backups in backup chart given below:-


How to backup entire Mac drive:- You can create image or clone of your entire Mac hard drive. If you use Time Machine for backup of Mac data, it will be an incremental backup but not a bootable one. The bootable backup is needed in case when you are not able to load operating system. There are many third party tools which help you to create clone of your Mac data.

Backing up selected files or folders:- If you keep only important data or selected files and folders for backup, it will help you to save important memory space.

How to choose right backup method?
Backing up your entire hard drive requires a different approach than backing up just a few files. You can keep your entire hard drive data through Time Machine. It keeps incremental backup but, it can not clone your data. You need to use any third party tool like Stellar Drive ToolBox. It is a complete pack of 12 utilities and Mac drive clone is one of them.

This tool is very reliable and easy to use. You can clone either entire Mac disk or any selected volume.

Features of Drive clone module of Stellar Drive ToolBox:-

1. It helps you to create clone of your Mac data, by using clone you can boot your system
2. It allows you to resize volume at the time of cloning
3. It supports cloning of MBR partition of windows and DOS drive.
4. It helps to create clone of SSD drive to Mac drive.
5. You can create bootable DVD with minimal system resources.

Mac users should follow above described backup strategy, it will help them to protect their important data.
For more information please visit here:- Volume Clone

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