Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How to check Mac disk issues?

If you want to keep your Mac hard drive out service centre and prevent expensive repair bills then you must check it's health regularly. It is basic essential part of Mac maintenance which helps to keep your Mac healthy. Mac has an inbuilt utility called 'Disk Utility', which helps Mac users to find out what is wrong in hard drive. But, sometimes there might occur many problems which cannot be identified by this utility. In such cases, you need to trust in 'all in one tool' like Stellar Drive ToolBox which has 12 Mac maintenance utilities.

Check the hard drive health with Disk Utility:-

1. Restart
2. Check/fix the filesystem
3. Make sure you're not running out of free space on the System volume
4. Repair permissions
5. Create a new user account, and see if the problem persists there
6. Clear system & user caches
7. Disable Application Enhancer, if you're running it
8. Startup in SafeBoot mode, and see if the problem persists there
9. Reset system firmware
10. Unplug all USB, Firewire devices except Apple mouse

How can I see Mac drive information using the 'Drive Stats':-

1. Start Stellar Drive Toolbox.
2. Click 'Drive Stats'.
3. Select the Mac drive or volume from the 'Select Source' pane.
4. Click on 'General Stats' tab to view summarized information or choose the 'Full Description' tab to view detailed information about the selected drive or volume.

You can repair Mac volume by using 'volume Repair' module. It has three options- Verify, Repair, Rebuild. Verify option checks the file system error and permissions of the file then repair option helps to correct permissions of files. You can do 'verify' and 'repair' simultaneously via 'Rebuild' option.

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