Saturday, 30 March 2013

Should I backup my Mac before switching to Mountain Lion

Mac is the most secured operating system against virus attack and data safety purpose but, sometimes you face unusual behaviour of your Mac and it leads to data loss. Many people believe that no need to keep backup, if you are using Mac . But, when you start searching over internet through various Mac forums, you came to know some worst situation suffered by many Mac people, who shared their experience like sometimes their Mac drive got crashed during upgradation of OS or any other applications.

Data is never safe on your Mac machine until you keep regular backup. Every Mac user must keep backup to avoid data loss. Time Machine is a great backup utility but, you cannot create bootable backup with it. To have a bootable backup you need to create clone of your Mac.

You have noticed that sometimes, your hard drive produces clicking noises while booting it. These are the indication of it’s bad health and it may crash or fail any time. In this case , cloning is the best precaution to protect Mac data. You must keep clone of your Mac in following situations:-

1. At the time of upgradation of old Mac OS to new Mac OS
2. When you transfer data through Migration Assistant
3. When you switch one Mac Machine to another
4. At the time of increasing RAM or upgrading hard drive.

There are many options for creating clone of your Mac data . Super duper, Stellar Drive clone etc.  These software helps to keep backup of your Mac and avoid data loss. Stellar Drive Clone is easy, fast, reliable and can create image of your Mac in few clicks.

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