Friday, 8 March 2013

Now Windows 8 supports Mountain Lion 10.8.3

OS X Mountain Lion(10.8) is the major release of OS X. It is the refined version of previous release, Lion. There are many new features added in this version like Gatekeeper, imessage, ichat, improved version of safari etc. however, Mountain Lion received some negative reviews also, due to bugs in added new apps. Then Apple has released 10.8.1 and 10.8.2 with modifications of apps. But, still Many Mac people are complaining that , windows 8 is not supported by Mac Mountain Lion. 

Windows 8 with Mountain Lion

Finally, Apple on Thursday released Mountain Lion 10.8.3 with dual boot camp so that people could work with Windows and Mac simultaneously. There are many new things has been added:-
1.3TB Mac hard drives are supported for Boot Camp, new versions of Safari etc. Some bugs like issues with printing contacts, problems with changing desktop picture, issues with Notes and its IMAP handling has been fixed.

The important thing is Windows lovers can easily work on windows apps with Mac OS. Working with new apps is a great fun but, do you think – it is possible to keep Mac speed in smooth order?Yes, it is possible, Mac users  should  know about optimizing process also so that they could avoid slow Mac. Over a period of time , performance of Mac decreases so you need to keep Stellar Drive ToolBox software. It is a complete pack of 12 utilities and great optimization tool. It can work with Mountain Lion nicely. 

Features of Stellar Drive ToolBox:-  
1. It's latest version is Drive ToolBox 2.5
2. You can do defrag, partition, speed up, clone wipe , data encryption etc. activity with your Mac.
3. It's surface Scan Features can easily scan bad sectors of the Mac drive or volume
4. You can easily get smart status of your Mac drive.

If you keep this Optimize Mac OS X software with 13 utilities, you can have very efficient management of your Mac machine.

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