Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Steps to create Disk Image with password protection

      Data safety is the main issue in this fast technology era. Everybody wants to keep their data safe from unauthorized access. Disk Utility is the Mac inbuilt utility which helps you to keep your files password protected. You can easily hide your sensitive files, like your tax returns, confidential data etc. Following are the steps to keep your confidential data protected:- 

     1. Click to Disk Utility from Applications > Utilities
    2. Go to the menu and select File > New > New Blank Disk Image 
        3.  Select a name for your encrypted disk image
    4. In Volume size, choose the largest capacity so that you can keep encrypted folder easily. 
       5.  In Encryption method, choose at least "128-bit encryption." If you're running 10.5 or later, you can choose "256-bit encryption" for industrial strength protection. 
      6.  In partitions select "GUID Partition Map" if you are Intel-based Mac users and  for PowerPC-based Mac users (G4, G5) select "Apple Partition Map."
    7. In image format, choose "sparse bundle disk image" , Sparse bundle disk images were introduced in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard because they make it easier to back up encrypted files with Time Machine.
    8. Click to create. 

        9 . Enter a memorable password.  Uncheck the box to "  Remember password in my keychain.
   10. Now drag and drop the files you want password protected into the new disk image. To access your files again, double-click the disk image and enter your password.

If you want to keep your Mac data safe then you can follow above step to create password protected Image of file however, same work can be done via Stellar Drive ToolBox. It has encryption utility which can encrypt your data to such level that no other utility can decrypt it.

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