Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Difference between Disk optimization and defragmentation

When you save a file, it is not necessary that complete file will be saved into contiguous memory location in hard disk. If there are not enough memory space available in hard drive then it (file) gets broken into multiple parts by OS, which are called fragments. These fragments get saved into noncontinuous memory location and the whole process is called fragmentation.

In this situation, it becomes tedious for OS to access each fragments of files quickly and processor needs to put extra efforts to pick up each part of fragmented data and execute it. A file may be broken into two fragments, or 20 fragments, or 200 fragments but overall conclusion is - it increases the seek time of processor and slow down your Mac.

There are two scenarios under which you need to defrag your Mac:-

  1. You have many large files in Mac
  2. You have less disk space.

New Mac file system has some mechanism to handle fragmentation but, only up to 20 MB file size. For large files there are no option except defragmenting your Mac.

Disk optimization:- It is a different process from Mac defragmentation. Optimization means to keep all scattered free spaces together in hard disk. When Mac OS is first installed, it logically groups files close together on the disk to enhance performance. But, when a major system update gets done , files becomes scattered over hard disk and different portions of disk occupied by these files.

However, disk optimization includes many activities like setting disk permissions, cleaning Mac, disk status, defragmentation etc..

Tools for Mac Disk defragmentation:-
Since, Mac doesn’t have any inbuilt tool for defrag Mac so, you need any third party tool for this purpose.

  1. Stellar Drive Defrag- It is one of the famous tools for Mac defrag. When you scan your disk by using this tool, it will keep together all fragments of related files that can theoretically result in increased performance. There are amazing functions inside this tool like full defrag, quick defrag, metadata defrag etc. You can see the temperature of disk while defragging. You can download this tool from here:- 
You can see the overview of fragmented data in graphical layout view with their exact location on mouse over. Tools for Mac optimization:- If you're going to optimize your disk, be sure to check the disk first with a program like Disk Utility and keep backup of your important data.
Stellar Drive ToolBox is a great optimizer for Mac. It is a complete pack of 12 utilities.

Conclusion:- You can do either optimization or defragmentation as per your need but, if you keep Stellar Drive ToolBox on your Mac it will do both the tasks for your Mac. It is a complete pack of various Mac optimization utilities like defragmentation, speed up, partition manager, wipe etc..

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