Saturday, 30 March 2013

Transfer data through Migration assistant between Macs

Migration Assistant is a Mac utility which is used to transfer data from one Mac to another. Its primary purpose is to duplicate the contents and configuration of an old computer on a new one. It helps to transfer user accounts, user files, applications, printer and fax descriptions, network settings , whole Mac backup from one Mac machine to another and this process is very easy.

Steps to transfer data from one Mac to another via Migration Assistant:-

1. You need Firewire or a standard Ethernet cable to connect your Mac and another way is connect both Mac in same wi-fi network.  The Macs don’t need to be running the same version of OS X , but they do need to have the latest updates and patches installed. So,you need to run Software Updates before doing  anything else.

2. Open Migration assistant -  It is pre-installed on all Mac. You can find it at  /Applications/Utilities/Migration On the new Mac, load Migration Assistant and you'll be prompted to close all running programs, select 'From a Mac or PC' and load Migration Assistant on the computer you'd like to transfer data from. 

3. On the old Mac, select 'To another Mac' and wait for them to detect each other.

4. After sometime, Migration Assistant will helpfully provide a list with the contents of the old Mac's hard drive, You also have the option of picking and choosing folders to transfer. It gives you the option for importing files along with the user account.  You can transfer data with user account, if you need.

These are the simple steps which help you to transfer data from one Mac to another to keep it safe or backup purpose however, there are many backup third party tool available in market. Clone utility of Stellar Drive ToolBox helps to create backup of your Mac. For more details check here -

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