Friday, 22 March 2013

Disk Utility does not have Defrag option

Disk Utility can solve disk related problem in Mac. It is an inbuilt utility and it has many options for maintaining and managing your hard drive. But, have you ever noticed that disk utility does not have options to defrag Mac. There are many Mac people who believe that Mac doesn't need defragmentation. But, you have noticed that over a period of time, your Mac gets slow because of fragmented Mac data.

Experts believe that new Mac file system has the ability to minimize chances of fragmentation up to 20 MB file size. HFS+ file system has been designed to avoid fragmentation at file level. It does not save a new file in a recently freed space but rather, it searches for a large free space to save data in disk. 

OS X checks for highly fragmented file, more than 8 fragments, it automatically defrags it. ‘Hot File Adaptive Clustering’ is a great feature of Mac, it keeps an eye on all recently used files which needs frequently in various process, OS X moves these files to most frequently accessed ‘hot zone’ on your hard drive which is called Hot File Adaptive Clustering. These are the reasons why Disk Utility does not have defrag option.

If your Mac has less than 10% free space and you wish to save video files or any large files then there might be a chance of fragmentation. To avoid this problem you should keep a third party tool to defrag Mac because it causes slow Mac. Stellar Drive Defrag is one of the favourite tool among Mac users. It can safely remove all fragmented data from your Mac and keep it fast.

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