Monday, 11 February 2013

How a badly fragmented Mac drive can affect performance

Before proceedings to Defragmentation topic, it is necessary to understand how data is stored in your Mac disk. Operating system attempts to store data(file) in contiguous memory location in the form of 0 and 1(digital form) during every read/write process. It is easy to keep data in contigious memory space when the disk is half filled or empty. But, after sometime files gets divided into small chunks and these chunks get scattered over Mac disk.

With the passage of time ,your Mac drive becomes badly fragmented, in such situations, OS will not find enough contiguous space available to store data, therefore the file will be broken up into several chunks and stored in multiple locations. This phenomenon affects performance of your Mac because OS will take more time to fetch pieces of data. You can see a heavily fragmented data here-

Fragmented files
To solve this problem you need to Defrag Mac drive. Stellar Drive Defrag has many advance features to resolve the issues of slow Mac due to fragmentation. This tool is very popular among Mac users.

1.You can do Full Defrag of your whole Mac or any particular volume.

2.You can even see the graphical view of fragmented data of Mac volume so that you could decide on which volume you need to run defrag activity. You can see each file with number of fragments data very clearly by using this tool.

3. Since, processor gets much involved in this process so, temperature of hard disk increases and you can work with any other installed applications but, don't bother there won't be any problem in your system. You can monitor temperature of your Mac disk with the help of temperature bar in this tool. If temperature increases too much, Mac system gets automatically shutdown or whatever process assigned in preferences.

4. You can set email notification so that after finishing defrag process you will get an email.

Temperature Bar

Mac system gets little slow because defragmentation is a lengthy process but, after finishing this process you will have a fast Mac and you can do your work smoothly without wasting your important time.

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