Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mac defragmentation helps to speed up performance

Although according to Apple, Mac users don't need to defrag their Mac OS X because of it's advance file system i.e HFS+ . This file system has the ability to minimize chances of fragmentation of up to 20 MB file size. But, if you are working with heavy files and applications like photoshope then you must need to defrag your Mac because with the passage of time Mac files scattered over Mac disk in small pieces. As a result of this process, when you install new applications or start working with existing, OS takes too much time to execute operation.

There are many Mac tools which can resolve this problem but Stellar Drive Defrag is one of the best software which is recommended by experts. This tool has several advance features which helps to defrag your Mac and increase it's performance. If all files will be together in contiguous memory then it becomes easy for OS to fetch these files from memory within short span of time and show it.

Since defrgmentation process takes lots of time so it would be good work if you will do this process at night. With the help of defrag tool you can easily see the status of each file with number of data chunks in layout view. You can see the temperature of drive during defragmentation. 
Defrag Mac
Mac guys can easily defrag either whole Mac or any single volume. Defraging the Mac hard drive will speed up file access because the files will be contiguous location and the hard drive read/write head/s does not need much time to retrieve the files. 

Conflicting opinions about Mac defragmentation:-
1. If you defrag your Mac frequently, you will shorten its lifespan because of the work it needs to do during a defrag process.
2. Files can be damaged during defragmentation.
3. You get few performance gains if you defragment your hard drive, it does not free up memory space , just keep data in a arranged way

Do not defrag Mac too often. Defragmentation process helps to increase Mac performance.

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