Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Golden rule to prevent data loss in Mac

One of the biggest reasons of loss of is corruption of hard drive directory. There can be various reasons responsible for the corruption of hard drive directory and some of the common ones are power outage, improper system shut down, bad sectors on hard drive, virus infection, etc Mac people thinks that, they are working on the most advance OS of this world so, they don’t need to keep backup. But, it is not a good idea, every Mac users should keep backup of all their data to prevent any data loss situation.

Backup simply means, you are keeping at least one copy of the original data. If the data is important, store your backups at an off-site location. It helps to keep your backup safe from damage, in case of a fire or disaster. However, it is said by experts that precaution is better than cure, so if you take some precautions, then you can avoid such unexpected data losses to some extent.

These are some effective strategies to avoid data loss from Mac:-

1. Keep regular backup of your data- You should keep regular backup of your data. You can do it with Time Machine utilities. But, if you want to make bootable backup then you need to create clone of your Mac data. Stellar Drive Clone software is the best solution to create cloned backup.

2. Strong Power Backup Plan- If you are using Mac desktop, then having UPS is the best option so that, you could avoid improper machine shutdown.

3.Proper ejection of external data storage- It is always recommended to eject external drives properly from your Mac to avoid abrupt machine shut down.

4. Maintain your Mac on regular basis:- The maintenance activity includes regular backup, updating anti-virus software, checking and repairing Mac hard disk and disk permissions to keep Mac healthy.

If you follow above recommended steps then you must keep your Mac data safe. Stellar Drive Clone has many features, it can keep your data in the form of image or clone as per your need. You can check it on various review sites, where users has given good reviews for it.

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