Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tips to defrag Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion is the latest update of Apple OS and it is very popular among Mac users. Although Mountain Lion has more polished and several new features as compared to Lion but, if you want to keep your Mac in healthy state then you need to follow some maintenance work on regular basis. Many Mac people ask questions through different forums that they are facing slow Mac. There are many reasons of this problem:-

1. Lots of unnecessary system junks stored in your Mac, which consumes useful memory spaces.

2. Fragmented data in your Mac disk.

Mac cleaning is a significant task which should be performed to improve Mac efficiency by every Mac user to clean all unnecessary system junks from Mac. Now, come to the fragmentation point in Mac disk- If the files are stored in a contiguous way, your Mac will perform faster. But, over a period of time, large files are broken down into small data chunks, at the time of storage and gets stored in noncontinuous memory locations. It leads to slow data processing and low response time during your work.

Mountain Lion OS X

There are many problems which occur due to fragmentation. This includes severe system errors, application conflicts, program failures, etc. However, Mac OS X can prevent fragmentation of files up to 20 MB file size . But, you need to defrag your Mac to stop large files from being fragmented. You can defrag your Mac with Stellar Drive Defrag , it is recommended by experts. This can easily arrange all scattered fragments of data in a Mac volume in contiguous memory locations and optimize free space for the use of new data.

New features of Stellar Drive Defrag tool:-

1. You can see fragments of file in layout view with coloured block.

2. You can see the path of file by mouse over on memory blocks.

3. You can set automatic Email notification after the completion of defragmentation process.

4. It has temperature scale to show you temperature of your Mac hard drive during the defrag process.

5. You can set any tone to play and make you alert after the completion of defragmentation.

There are many features added by Stellar developers in this new version of Mac defragmentation tool to make it easy and understandable for people. By using this tool you can keep your Mac running as like as newly purchased state.

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