Sunday, 24 February 2013

Alternative of Mackeeper to fix slow Mac performance

One of my friends was facing sluggish behaviour of Mac from last one month. We started search through internet “how to get rid of slow Mac” through many forums and we were suggested by some Mac users to clean system junks and unnecessary stuffs from Mac to gain more free spaces.

Some of them suggested a cleaning tool -Mackeeper , it's price was $99 . We downloaded and found that it is a complete pack of 16 utilities like Data control, cleaning tool, optimization, Security. Out of 16 utilities, we need only cleaning tool.

However, it cleaned all junk files on the hard drive in order to free up space. Smart Uninstaller removes widgets, applications, preference panes and plugins. It removed the preferences, web caches and log files. But, the problem is use of other utilities associated with Mackeeper pack, we don't need that. So, going through a complete pack, it is a good idea to purchase single cleanup tool.

After two-three days, I saw good reviews of Stellar speed up Mac at other forums and it's price was just $39. Therefore, came to an idea that it is better to go for just a single utility instead of complete pack of any software. Stellar speedup Mac is only $39 and it's features are very advance.

From my point of view Stellar speed up Mac is the best alternative Mac clean up tool and it can remove all unwanted data and applications from your Mac and make your Mac faster. The new version v2.5 of this tool has many more features.

Stellar Speed Up Mac

1. You can schedule cleaning task.
2. Easily clean up unwanted Applications, Widgets and Plug-ins in just few clicks.
3.You regain the space being consumed by useless files and applications.
4. This tool is very easy to use and user-friendly.
5. Mac users can clean either single volume or whole Mac.

The above mentioned facts can easily be verified with lots of positive reviews at verious Mac forums and users groups.

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