Friday, 22 February 2013

Alternative of iDefrag to remove fragmented data

Many Mac user's complains through various forums that ,with the passage of time ,Mac system starts slowing down and it affects their work.. We suppose every file is saved in continuous memory block on the Mac disk but, in case of low disk space , large files divided into several chunks and there are not much contiguous spaces available to save these files . Many files on the disk splitted into several pieces and scattered over Mac disk. When we open those files , processor takes long time to pick up each fragments and open it. 
There are no any inbuilt defragmentation tool available in Mac like Stellar Drive Defrag ,iDefrag etc.. Stellar Drive Defrag is a famous defragmentation tool of Stellar. It helps you to defrag your Mac and optimize free spaces. It is very effective to improve the life of the hard drive, and makes it faster. 
Options inside this tool:- 1. Full Defrag:- You can defrag whole Mac including files, metadata, and unused space by using this option.
2. Quick Defragmentation:- You can defrag all fragmented files within short span of time.
3. Optimizes Free Space:- This tool puts all scattered free spaces in Mac hard drive.
4. Bootable DVD:- The feature allows you to create a bootable Mac DVD before starting defrag on boot volume.
5. Email Notifications:- You can set automatic email notification after the completion of defrag process.

Features of Stellar Drive Defrag:-
1.It allows to defrag various metadata files, such as the attribute files, allocation files, catalog files etc.
2.This tool helps to optimize scattered free spaces and increase efficiency of data storage in Mac .
3.You can see the fragmented files both in graphical and layout view and temperature thermometer is also attached to this tool. You can see the temperature of Mac hard drive.
4.It fully supports Mountain Lion. 

System Requirements:
Processor : Mac PowerPC (G4 & above), Mac – Intel
Operating System: Mac Operating System 10.4 or above
Memory : 512 MB
Hard Disk : 25 MB of Free Space

There are many competitors of this tool like iDefrag but, there are some limitaions with it. iDefrag can work with HFS and HFS+ Mac volumes. As far as I am concerned Defrag tool of Stellar is the best defrag tool for Mac users because it's features and customer services are very good. If you want to gain more knowledge for this tool visit this video:- 

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