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How to create clone of Mac Lion | Mac backup solution

What is Mac cloning and it's benefit?

Cloning refers to making an exact copy of your hard drive. It is the most reliable and efficient backup solution to secure data on your drive. It’s a bootable backup of disk which has copy of both operating system and data. A bootable clone routine copies all of the data on the main drive, bit by bit, and places it on a second drive.

Suppose, you are working with your Mac system with all your important official data in it and it crashed so, what to do next? In such situations data recovery software could be a rescue. But, it’s also true that precaution is better than cure. Hard disk cloning is very good solution to face such data loss situation, missing data can be retrieved from clone. Cloning your drive in this way can also save you money by minimizing the time spent by a technician repairing your Mac or PC.

Here are the tips we follow to clone Mac Lion hard drive:-
Apple has an inbuilt feature to backup i.e Time Machine, which keeps incremental backup. There are lot of third party tools available for cloning process e.g CCC, Super duper, Stellar Drive Clone etc.
Stellar Drive Clone offers fast and safe backup by using several advanced mechanism. You can create an exact sector-by-sector image of your Mac hard drive and save this image at any desired location in the system. It helps to create a bootable Mac DVD that is immensely useful for booting the system.

Features of Stellar Drive Clone:-
  • It creates a sector-by-sector exact copy of one Mac disk to a different drive/volume/folder.
  • Clone a Mac drive to another drive which is connected in the network .
  • Create image of Mac drive as a backup .
  • A user has an option to resize volumes on the destination drive .
  • It’s very easy to create a bootable DVD for Mac which can be used to clone the boot volume.
How to use this cloning software:-
Step 1: Launch Stellar clone drive. Heres the interface of application asking whether you want to clone or create image of your Mac drive. Select “Clone” and start the process.

Stellar Drive Clone

Clone at network drive:-
A user can opt to save his Mac clone either on an external drive attached to his machine or to another system in his network. Stellar Drive Clone and CCC both are good choices for this task.
The key to a successful backup plan is to actually do the backups regularly so keep backup regularly. Stellar Drive Clone is an ultimate solution to all the Mac cloning issues. 
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