Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How to remove duplicate files from Mac

Most of the times, people keep storing everything on their machine, irrespective of significance of the items, for future use and forget about it. This sluggish practice of user leads to a sluggish Mac. In such cases, the useless files get accumulated blocking a large space on hard disk. It is really tough to bear with hundreds of files and duplicates scattered everywhere on the disk. It may cause a slow system performance. Such slow behaviour of Mac can be the result of many other careless practices. A user can try the following fixes for sluggish Mac.
Steps to keep your Mac clean:-
  • Try to remove all unwanted or unused widgets from the dashboard.
  • Check the system memory and upgrade the system RAM to boost your performance.
  • Reset your browser settings to regularly clear caches and delete all recent browsing history.
  • Try to delete all corrupted files.
The above tricks are effective enough to resolve slow behaviour of your Mac up to a noticeable extent. But, if you feel it difficult and time taking process then you can opt for an automatic tool to cleanup your Mac. There are so many cleaning software available in market but here we are discussing one such application called Stellar SpeedUp Mac. It has the an awesome ability to remove all unwanted files like caches, universal binaries, language files, leftovers, system junks ect. and helps to uninstall unnecessary applications. You can eaisly remove all duplicate or triplicate files just in one go. This software acts as a complete performance booster for Mac. You can schedule the clean up processes on hourly, weekly and Monthly basis.
Features of SpeedUp Mac :-
  • It can easily remove all unwanted Caches, files, Logs, System junks, etc.
  • It can delete duplicate files and large files to optimize system performance .
  • 'Quick Look' button to preview image, audio, and video files
  • It has scheduler to automatically run Mac cleanup tasks at a later time
  • It cleans up boot volume as well as secondary Mac volumes
This module includes three options :-
SpeedUp now:- This features allows us to remove all unwanted Caches, System Junks, Universal Binaries,Duplicate Files, Language Files, etc. from your Mac boot volume.
Clean my Mac:- It allows us to remove all unnecessary space from significant portion of your hard disk.
Uninstaller:- Click the 'Uninstaller' button to uninstall old and unused applications, unnecessary widgets, and plugins from your system.
There are so many advantages of this sofware e.g, you can see live status of hard disk space gained after cleanup process completed.
To know more about the features of the software visit http://www.stellarspeedupmac.com

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