Thursday, 7 June 2012

Create Mac Backup to regain data lost due to system crash

What would you do if your office server get crashed or you lost your laptop? In such cases, getting the data back is a million dollar question for a computer user. According to an analysis report, every week about 140,000 hard drives crash and 12,000 laptops got stolen every year. When such unfortunate situations are faced by users ,they get frustrated due to data loss .

How to stay unaffected in data loss situations:-

The best way is to keep back up of your Mac data on a regular basis so that, you can restore your origional data flawlessly. Backup is the process of making copies of data from source to destination,which may be used to restore the original one after a data loss . This backup could be either a clone or an image. It is important to note that , there lies a difference between Clone and Image. Clone is bootable copy of drive whereas an image is replica of all the files stored in drive. In cloning process size of destination drive should be equal of greater than source . It's very easy and reliable method to keep your valuable data secure.

What backup methodology are available for computer users:-

Online backup:- This can be accomplished by sending your data to a offsite data centre located somewhere else where it too will be backed-up in a more secure and protected environment at sheduled timing.

Offline backup:- This is can be accomplished simply by attaching an external USB hard drive to your Mac , mounting the volume on your Desktop, and copying the data over manually or automatically.

Incremental backup :- An incremental backup preserves successive copy of the data contains only that portion which has changed since the previous backup has been created.

Cloning software for Mac backup:-

For Macintosh users, Stellar Drive Clone software is one of the most efficient and reliable data back up solutions. It is a flexible backup tool with exciting features.

  • It can clone Mac hard disk and volume
  • Image of Mac hard drive or volume can be created
  • Getting back volume in origional state from image
  • Permit resizing of volumes on target drive while creating clone
  • Permit to create bootable DVD and Minimal system to access your non-booting Mac
The welcome window of this Mac cloning application offers three options – 'Clone &Imaging' ,'Restore' & 'Tools'.
Clone &Imaging:- Mac user can make exact copy of the entire Mac hard drive or any selected volume by this option.
Restore:- This option helps you to restore the lost data from the image file or the cloned folder.
Tools:- By using this option, users can create bootable DVD and use it boot their machine in case of system failure or OS crash.
Mac users can easily keep valuable information safe by creating backup of the data.
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