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How to format Mac Lion

How to format Mac Lion disk?
The task can be accomplished in two different ways- 1. Disk Utility 2. Third party tool

How to format Lion disk with Disk utility?
Disk Utility is an inbuilt tool in Mac to manage partition related operations on Mac disk. So, first a user needs to attach the disk externally and start the system. Please note that in disk utility, it is not possible to format startup disk. Now, follow the following steps to format Mac Lion:-

Step1. Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility. This window shows a list of all the drives currently mounted in your Mac.

Step2. Select the disk to be formatted from the list on the left. Formatting a disk will erase data permanently. So, it’s suggested to backup important data before formatting the disk.

Step3. Click the "Erase" option. The next window with all the details offers options for formatting hard disk.

Step4. The drop down list shows the various file formats.  
The most secure and frequently used file format "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" and this is the default. This setting is the best option for running Mac OS X. 
     Step5. Change the name if it is needed. This name will always appear when the disk is mounted on a Mac machine. 
     Step6. Click the erase button. A window will open asking to verify the erase procedure. Click the erase button in this window to start the process of erasing the disk.

You can format Mac Lion by using third party tool. Stellar partition manager is one of the best Mac partitioning utility. It has interactive GUI and simple language.

Following are the steps to format Mac disk:-    

Step1. Run Stellar Partition Manager

Step2. The left section lists all the drives mounted at your machine. Select the disk  you want to format and click “Format” from options in the top of window.
The other tasks performed by this Mac utility are :
  1. Resize Mac partition
  2. Create a new partition
  3. Delete Mac partition
  4. Hide/ Reveal an existing volume.

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