Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tips to use Mac maintenance utilities

Is Mac maintenance necessary?
Mac Machines are considered as the most advanced technology on the earth. If we talk about number of users facing computer related issues, the major part will be on Windows side. But , it doesn't mean that Mac users never face any performance related problem. All we need to do, either on Mac or on Windows, is to perform some maintenance tasks.

Many Mac users do not know much about computer maintenance. Below, I recommend several procedures, which will help to keep it running in tip-top shape.

Mac maintenance with Disk Utility:-
Disk utility is an inbuilt function of Mac OS which is used to format hard drives, create RAID arrays, mount volumes, burn disk images (.dmg files), and fix basic disk problems. If your computer doesn’t start up normally, you may need to use a disk repair utility to fix the issue.
Disk Utility also monitors the basic S.M.A.R.T. status of any internal hard drive. If the "SMART status" of your drive is not verified then there is some issue with your drive. In this case, it is suggested to create backup of your data at some other location. Back up is very important in case of any data loss.

You can secure your data with Disk utility through compression and encryption of disk image. Additional features of Disk Utility includes disk erasing, formatting, partitioning and cloning. These features are more than enough for home users but, the users with some advanced needs, find it limited and search for some third party tools carrying great features.

Mac maintenance with Third party tool:-
There are many Mac maintenance software which are capable enough to take care of every need of your Mac. One of them is Stellar Drive Toolbox- a complete Mac optimizing software with 12 utilities. It helps to repair, manage, protect and sanitize the Mac hard drives. It has four main utilities:-

SpeedUp Mac – This module acts s a Mac cleaner, which helps to remove duplicate files ,caches, files, logs, System junks, universal binaries etc.. You can schedule cleanup task.

Partition Manager- It helps to manage Mac partitions by Adding, Deleting, Formatting, 
 Resizing and Hiding/Revealing any selected Mac volume .

Mac wipe- It helps to erase all unnecessary data beyond the recovery.

Drive Clone- You can easily create image or clone of your Mac hard drive for future backup.

Drive Defrag- Defragmentation helps to keep fast data accessing. You can do Full or Quick defragmentation via this module. It helps to optimize free space.

The other modules of this Mac maintenance application are surface scan, Drive Initialize, Drive performance, Drive status, Volume repair, Raw data Editor, Data Encryptor. Each module has several advanced features to fulfill your Mac needs.
A scheduled Mac maintenance task , keeps your Mac life healthy and full of rejoice.

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