Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Optimizing Mac to Boost Mac Speed

Is your Mac slow at startup? Or at shutdown?

Apart from security and flexibility for users , another important issue to consider in Mac is it's speed. Every Mac user whether he is a home user or a professional, praises the features of Mac OS X. The Mac users, who work on graphics or multimedia files need a faster system. With the passage of time , like any other OS , Mac also starts slugging down. There could be many reasons of this issue but lack of space on drive , too many startup items , low memory etc. Are the important ones.
To get rid of above situation from Mac, you need Mac optimization tool to increase the performance of the Mac.
Steps to enhance your Mac performance:-
  1. Remove unnecessary startup items:- Some applications automatically set themselves as a "startup item", which causes slow Mac performance. Less startup item helps system to boot fastly.
  2. You should clear binary clutter, unused languages, old log files, duplicate files.
  3. Defrag your Mac - Over a period of time, the data on your hard drive becomes scattered and unorganized. Unwanted spaces are created So, due to this process data on your hard drive is divided into chunks called fragments. It affects your system performance. Defragmentation is the process of keeping data together in contigous memory location and it helps to boost your Mac performance.
    New Mac file system i.e HFS+ has an ability to minimize fragmentation of up to 20 MB file size. To defrag more than 20 MB file size you can use third party tool. Stellar Defrag Drive is nice tool for defragmentation of your Mac. The software provides a number of options (Defrag Metadata, Quick Defrag, Full Defrag and Optimize) to defrag Mac drives.
Features of this defragmentation tools:-
Quick Defrag:- You can defragment everything present on the Mac drive within short period of time. 
Full Defrag:- This feature performs full defragmentation of your Mac hard drive. 
Optimizes Free Space:- The utility searches for all scattered portions of free space on your Mac hard drive and then effectively organize them.
Metadata Defragmentation:- You can smoothly defrag all metadata files in your system like catalog, allocation, attribute files. 
Bootable DVD:- You can easily defragment the boot volume of your system by creating bootable DVD.

5. Speedup Your Mac – To get free space in Mac , it is necessary to clean unwanted applications, Caches, Logs, System junks, etc. Either you can remove these files manually or by using a third party software. Stellar SpeedUp Mac is a cleanup software which helps to remove duplicate files ,junks files ,caches log files to optimize system performance.
Features of this cleanup software -

SpeedUp Now:- You can remove all rubbish things from your Mac by this option. 
Clean My Mac:- This option provides facility to clean particular or selected volume. 
Uninstaller:- Unused applications, unnecessary widgets, and plugins can be uninstalled by this option.

Above mention tips are very usful to improve and boost your Mac performance. Follow it and get result soon.

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