Thursday, 24 May 2012

Can defragmentation optimize my Mac

Many users complain that after long usages their Mac starts working slowly. As per technical experts it is suggested to optimize Mac to get rid of this problem. Defragmentation is one of the optimization techniques . As we know fragmentation process means keeping fragmented data together in memory location to reduce data accessing time. The new version of Mac file system i.e HFS + has the ability to minimize chances of fragmentation. But, it can handle fragmentation up to 20 MB of file size. If you want to defrag more than 20 MB file size then you must go for third party tool.

If you are working on large media files then inbuilt ability of Mac file system fails to reduce fragmentation. There are two software available in market iDefrag and Stellar Drive Defrag .You can use any of these. It helps to defrag heavily fragmented Mac volumes.

I have used the defragmenting software of Stellar. The welcome window of this software has options - Defrag Metadata, Quick Defrag, Full Defrag and Optimize to defrag Mac volumes, from which the user can choose, as per his requirements. with this utility, you can list all the fragmented files on the selected volume and defrag one or multiple files.

Defrag Volume - You can select any Mac volume from your hard drive and defrag. In this process metadata files, large fragmented files and helps in optimizing free space.

Defrag selected files - The 'Defrag Files' option of the software lists all the fragmented files in the selected Mac drive and allows you to defrag only the selected files.

DVD to Boot Volume – You can make bootable DVD by this option which helps you to booting your Mac system if it is failed to boot.

Although defragmentation is one of the ways to optimize a computer but the task can be accomplished via other methods. This includes reformatting the drive , restoring system from it's backup etc.
In our next post we will discuss these methods in details.

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