Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mac cleaning Software | Cleaner for Mac

I am working as a video editor for a production house in Mumbai. Doing the job on Mac is a great experience untill it starts behaving sluggish. I am bond to deliver work on time so, need to work fast. It tends me to run 8 to 10 applications simultaneously. During work, sometimes it gets hanged and needs to restart my computer again and again due to slow Mac performance. I started to search reasons for this behaviour of my Mac and found that it coud be due to accumulation of duplicate files, widgets, startup items , unused applications in Mac Drive.

One of my friends suggested me to cleanup Mac Drive. It was too surprising to see that there were so many Startup items ,cache files, unnecessary language files etc. I started removing these items one by one but it was so time consuming to do this manually. I was busy in solving clients problems related to freelancing projects. At that critical time, found Mac cleaning Software 'Stellar SpeedUp Mac' on Internet. It was wonderful to solve my problem and helped to save my precious time.

It is a Mac maintenance software which has everything to keep your Mac clean. There are three options available for user.
SpeedUp now , Clean My Mac and Uninstaller. You can use Uninstaller option to remove all unused installed applications by dragging process or selecting checkbox.
Clean My Mac option is used to clean selected volume of your Mac.

The other features of this software which helps you to optimize your Mac are:-
  1. It helps to find out all duplicate files unwanted Applications, Widgets and Plug-ins in just few clicks and remove them fastly.
  2. Scheduler to perform tasks at a specified time
  3. It shows live status of hard disk space gained after cleanup process .
  4. More interactive and user-friendly interfaces
  5. It works as a Cleaner for Mac
Now once again my Mac is behaving as it was on day 1. Hope my experience would help other users facing similar situation with their Mac.

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