Friday, 18 May 2012

How to encrypt Mac Files | Encryption software for Mac

Mac is becoming more popular in all the fields like Government, education and business sectors because it is easy to use, compatible and secure. Today we are living in the world of piracy where it is very difficult to secure your confidential data. So it is suggested to keep such data in encrypted or non-readable format.

Usually when people share a common system, there are more chances to lose privacy. In such situation we must keep eyes on Mac all the time and keep our data secured with some kind of encryption method.

Following are the tips by which we can keep our data safe:-
  • Data can be kept in the form of encrypted disk image. When opened by someone, will prompt the user for a password. It will check for authentication to mount image on the desktop.
  • Next method is using FileVault in Mac to keep the confidential information safe. We can scramble, or encrypt, the data in Home folder (only your Home folder) using this Mac OS X feature.
  • The task of encrypting data to keep information secure can be performed by using software. There are so many encryption software for Mac available in market. One of them is 'Data Encryptor of Stellar Drive ToolBox, which has 12 other additional utilities also.
Following are the key features of Mac Data Encryptor:-
  • Encrypts selected files with password
  • It allows hiding of encrypted files
  • It provides option to locate all hidden encrypted files in the system
  • It has option to verify, whether the listed hidden files exist in the system or not
  • Files can't be decrypted by using any other tool
This software has option allows you to choose any standard encryption algorithm from the list and encrypt them.

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