Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Alternatives of disk utility to erase Mac hard drive

Now a days it's a big challenge to keep personal data secure in case when someone wants to switch OS or plan to sell hard drive. If files are deleted permanently by applying common method then, it can be recovered from hard disk by using data recovery software, until it's overwritten by another files on the same memory location. When file is deleted from the system, OS makes the free space for new data. So, here you need to wipe data beyond recovery to prevent unauthorised access.

There are two ways to perform this task. Either via disk utility tool or by using any third party tool. Before deleting files we can keep backup of those files into another hard disk.

Steps to erase data via Disk utility:-
1.Click on Applications in the dock on Mac's screen, open disk utility.
2.Click on Hard drive which you want to wipe.
3.Click on 'Erase Tab' , Disk utility will erase and format all the data.

There are some limitations of Disk utility like you can not wipe data of particular file so here introducing another alternative third party software with more features , one of them is 'Stellar Mac wipe', it is a module of Stellar Drive Toolbox. This software helps to erase data from Mac Drive beyond recovery.
With this software, you can completely erase any specific file or your entire Mac hard drive. Stellar Wipe provides a safer and efficient means of Mac wipe. 

Key features of Stellar Wipe :-
  • It Performs hard drive wiping in just one go
  • It Allows scheduling the wiping task on a specific categories of data
  • It provides standard Mac disk wiping algorithms for specific folders or files
  • Wiping unused spaces Increase efficiency of the Mac drive
There are two options inside Wipe utility :-

  1. Drive Wipe – This option helps to erase data from entire Mac
  2. File wipe – This option helps to erase data from particular file.
So, user is always suggested to keep data safe to prevent unauthorised access.
For more details you can visit :- http://www.drivetoolbox.com/mac-wipe.php

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