Thursday, 31 January 2013

How to diagnose and fix Problem in Mac Performance

Sometimes when your Mac OS X starts running slow or refusing to start up ,in such cases people go out and just buy a new machine but, there is nothing wrong with Mac machine, the problems can be fixed. There are many potential reasons for the sluggish behavior of Mac like loads of too many applications, many start up items, less RAM etc.. Following are some tips which helps to improve Mac performance.

1. Restart your Mac:- Mac can be turned on for weeks or months without any serious problems but if you restart it once in a week it will save memory leak which makes the computer feel slow and sluggish.

2. Check the startup items:-  When you install applications, some of them might add themselves in Startup Items. If your Mac has many startup items, it makes booting process slow. If you do the following: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items. You will see how many startup items you have. If you want to remove some of them just click the name of the startup item and then hit the minus button

3. Clean your Mac:- Over the long time usages of Mac or read/write process , lots of system junks, caches, language files, universal binaries ,duplicate files stored in Mac and it affects Mac performance. Stellar Speed Up Mac is one of the best Mac cleanup tool which helps to remove all these rubbish things from your Mac and make it faster.

4. Keep your Mac up to date- Once in a while Apple releases software updates. It is wise to install these because they often contain improvements and helps to keep your Mac optimized.

5. Cleanup dashboard:- Widgets are nice to have but they also take up valuable resources from your computer. Make sure you have no unnecessary widgets running. If you do, close them down to get a little more system resources.

6. Keep backup:- Keeping backup is the best way to protect your data from data loss situation. You can keep backup via Time Machine.

Check this video for more detail -  How to diagnose and fix Problem in Mac Performance

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