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How to delete back up data from Time Machine backups?

Time Machine keeps the most recent state of your data or recent change in data on your disk. Time Machine creates incremental backups of files that can be restored at a later date. It allows the user to restore the whole Mac data or specific files from the Recovery HD. It works within iWork, iLife, and several other compatible programs. Time Machine allows the user to back up Apple Macintosh computers through Apple's AirPort utility and keep them into network attached storage devices or servers, depending on the version of Time Machine.

Time Machine

Time Capsule?

The wireless network device which is used to keep Mac backup is called Time Capsule. Time Machine doesn't back up every file on your Mac. Some system files are ignored, and you can manually keep backup of such files.
How to delete Time Machine backup?
When the TM back up drive becomes nearly full, it will remove the oldest backups automatically. You can also delete TM backup manually .Locate the backup or item you want to delete via the Timeline or "cascade" of Finder windows. If you want to delete all backups of a particular item or items, select it/them in the window. Right-click the item (if you're on Leopard, click the "gear" icon in the toolbar) and select either Delete Backup option(the entire backup) or Delete all Backups of <item selected> in the small menu that appears.

You can delete backup data by using sudo command:- 

sudo tmutil delete /Volumes/drive_name/Backups.backupdb/old_mac_name The sudo command needs your password.You can use the tmutil tool to delete backups one by one.
Restore from Time Machine
How can you restore single file and folder? 

Sometimes, you may face problem, when your system gets crashed and chances of loosing data increase. In such cases, you can get your data back from your Time capsule. The Mac OS X Utilities window appears. Select Restore From Time Machine Backup. Many Mac user prefer to keep their important data with Time Machine but if you want to create clone then you can not do with this utility. You can use a third party tool - Stellar Drive ToolBox, a complete pack of 12 utilities. Drive Clone utility of this tool helps to create clone of your Mac data.

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