Monday, 14 January 2013

Why You Need a Maintenance Routine for Your Mac?

Apple has discovered an advance, simple to use product that could attract and ease customers. Mac OS X is the most famous and advanced OS developed by Apple. But ,with the passage of time Mac system gets slow down. If you want to keep your Mac in tip top shape, you need to go for regular Mac maintenance.

Apple has few automatic maintenance features into the operating system. Disk utility does a basic repair of the hard drive and can repair disk permissions.The operating system itself has an ability to reduce the chances of fragmentation of file size 20 MB. It’s important to note that this does not produce the same result as defragging your hard drive. Mac file system HFS+ has it's own ability to minimize the chances of fragmentation.

Some important maintenance tasks that can keep your machine running reliably and smoothly are:-

  • Defragmenting the Hard Drive – this will keep your drive running at it’s optimum speed resulting in less seeking, reading and writing of files. It helps not only to speed up your machine but also increases the life of your drive.
  • General clean up – A drive that is close to full is not only a lot slower, but it is likely to cause software issues. A clean desktop will also increase speed at login time. You should remove all system junks, caches, duplicate files, language files, universal binaries etc..
  • Data Backup – This is by far the most important maintenance that can be done on your machine.  The Hard Disk is a moving part and like everything mechanical, it will die one day.  It is imperative that you keep a backup of all your important data. The Mac comes with time machine so even if you don’t want to purchase a backup program, there is no excuse to not have your data backed up.   
  • Directory structure rebuild – Think of your Hard Disk as a book with a nice big index to help you find information quickly. It is important that the information in this index is correct and not corrupt in any way, otherwise files could disappear or be overwritten resulting in data loss or even stop your Mac from booting.
Keep your Mac optimized with Mac maintenance tool- Stellar Drive ToolBox.
It is a complete pack of 12 utilities with one extra Encryptor utility. It helps to solve Mac disk related issues, defrag, speed up, wipe, clone for backup etc.. You can create ,delete, resize Mac partitions and hide it . Encryptor helps to keep safe your data from unauthorised access.

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