Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to optimize Mac by using Mac cleaner

Mac OS X Lion is the most widely used and recognized version of Mac. Mac OS is an Unix based operating system and it has powerful features. So,it is less affected by virus. It helps Mac users to keep data in an organized manner. Although, Mac is an advance operating system but, with excessive use , it becomes slow. There has been large number of junk files and folders which degrades the Mac performance. It takes much time to boot or access the stored files and might even hang during the installation of any software.

Solutions to increase slow Mac performance:- Mac users can optimize slow performance of Mac by using any third party tool. Speed Up Mac utility of Stellar Drive ToolBox is one of the recommended software by experts. It has an advanced algorithm that identifies the duplicate and junk files, caches, language files etc.. and automatically removes from your Mac. Stellar Drive ToolBox is the complete pack of 12 utilities.

The 'SpeedUp Mac' module provides an efficient way to tune your Mac machine by removing all unwanted files and unused applications from the Mac. It can free up your hard disk space effectively by completely removing large files, cache files, universal binaries, unused applications, widgets etc.
Key Features SpeedUp Mac-
  • It helps to remove all unwanted Caches, files, logs, System junks, etc.
  • It deletes duplicate files and large files to optimize system performance.
  • 'Quick Look' button to preview image, audio, and video files.
  • It has scheduler to automatically run Mac cleanup tasks at a later time.
  • It cleans up boot volume as well as secondary Mac volumes.
How can I remove duplicate files in Mac?
There are two features available for removing duplicate files:- Clean My Mac feature or the speed Up Now feature. If you want to remove duplicate files from boot volume then choose speedUp Now option and for particular volume choose clean My Mac.

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