Monday, 31 December 2012

Five Tips to improve Mac performance

Do you think your Mac is taking too much time to boot? It’s warning for you that your Mac is not healthy. With the passage of time, your Mac starts performing slowly; there are many reasons of this behavior. You can get rid of this problem by following some tips:-

1. Remove unnecessary start-up Items
Optimize your memory usage and system performance by startup items which opens unnecessary. You can do this by following this process Control + Click on the item on the dock, go to the Options menu and uncheck Open at Login. You can also organize what programs you want to open on start-up by going to the System Preferences panel, click on Accounts, Login Items, and remove any items you wish. 

2. Clean your dock
By removing items from the dock you can boost your system performance. If you control + Click a dock item and go to the Options menu, you can select Remove From Dock. Alternatively, go to System Preferences, Dock and deselect animate opening applications, if you want to keep the items on the dock, but still increase efficiency. 

3. Get rid of your widgets
Widgets run in the background constantly and eat memory space. So, if you haven't used a widget recently, chances are you don't need it and can better use the memory it is taking up. To remove widgets go to the Dashboard, click the plus button and click the corresponding X of the widget you wish to delete. 

4. Monitor your usage
You should monitor memory usage on regular basis. You can find the Activity Monitor in the Utilities folder and it can check out where there are any hidden drains on your system. 

5. Update your software
Ensure that you keep up to date with your updates as they contain vital elements that will improve the way your software works and thus your system . Go to System Preferences, System, Software Update and click Check Now.

Above steps are very useful to keep your Mac healthy and faster. You can speed Up your Mac by a famous tool Drive Toolbox for Mac. Speed Up Mac utility of this tool helps to remove all system junks from your Mac and increase it’s performance.

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